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Ever wish there was a guide you could follow to help you build your gift basket business?

20 Free Tips and Tools to Attract More Clients & Profits

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20 Free Tips and Tools  to Attract More Clients and Profits


I’m Flora M Brown (read my bio if you don’t know me), and for more than seventeen years I’ve run a successful gift basket business, presented dozens of gift basket classes, led a gift basket professional network, and helped many others with starting a gift basket business.If you’re a gift basket designer who wants to add pizzazz and increased profits to your gift basket business, I want to share with you techniques, tips and strategies to help you attract more customers, offer a superior service, and have fun in your gift basket business.Just a few scenarios to demonstrate the possibilities:

  • You are just starting a gift basket business. By learning valuable tips and strategies from the beginning, you start off running your gift basket business successfully.
  • You have been running a gift basket business. You have a few customers but are frustrated by not being to generate the profits you want and a loyal customer base. Putting some key tools and strategies in place can help you attract perfect prospects for your services. You will learn to promote your business using the most efficient ways to market your business as well as manage your inventory, price for profit, run your office smoothly and choose the best payment and delivery options.
  • You have discovered that gift basket classes and conferences have dwindled. You may have enjoyed attending gift basket classes, seminars at major gift shows or attending gift basket conventions to add to your knowledge and skills. With fewer options available you may also have decided that it’s cost prohibitive to invest the registration, airfare, hotel, rental car and other expenses that make attending these shows.
  • You want to extend your gift basket business from part-time to full-time. Maybe you recently retired or were laid off and now have time to expand your business into the profitable endeavor you know it can be. You don’t have to be an expert in every aspect of running a successful business. Through this home study course you can learn from professionals in the gift retail and gift basket business who survived several economic downturns and are ready to share their success stories with you.
  • You have a hobby or specialized interest. Turn your passion for creating gift baskets into a gift basket home business—part of full-time—that will become an income source by learning from experts and enthusiasts how they have done the same.

If any of these scenarios describe your situation, the home study course I have created is perfect for you.

Introducing the first home study course in the gift basket industry.

My 7-week Gift Basket Business Home Study Course offers a unique combination of instruction, feedback and resources that help you grow your own successful gift basket business. Each weekly module presents a teleseminar that was recorded live as well as additional readings, audio tips, an interview with an industry professional, design tips and resources. This course makes it easy and convenient to gain the knowledge and resources you need all from the comfort of your home.

Email from a coaching client:

You know those list of questions that you have piling up? Need fresh advertising ideas or want to know what to say to get customers interested? What would you give to be able to check off your whole list of “Find Out How to…” and where do you find all that information?Easy. Just ask Flora Brown. I found the information that I received to be of excellent value. In particular she had helpful suggestions and links for further information on the variety of topics that I had questions about regarding networking, photo shooting, marketing etc… As I continue to grow my business and have further questions or problems, I know who I can turn to knowing that I will get useful advice.

Janice Currey
Tasteful Gifts


Learn everything you need to make your gift basket business profitable. Since successful gift basket business involves numerous logistical, marketing, business and design challenges —the Gift Basket Business Home Study Course offers a concentrated combination of live teleseminars, lessons, interviews with industry experts, audio tips and much more of what you need to know to succeed. Here’s what you will cover in the course:

Week 1 Module Business models: Strategies and Options

  • More than five ways you can make money from your business, gift baskets and gift basket products so you can decide which model or models make the most sense for you (gift basket dropshipping, consignment, convention gift bags, )
  • Best strategies for using free gift baskets to promote a service, seminar or cause
  • How much can you charge? The most lucrative business models – and what you need to make them work
  • Want steady, long-term profits from gift baskets? Two routes to that.
  • Retail vs. homebased–challenges and benefits
headset Listen to an excerpt from an interview with Debbie Quintana, owner of Gift Basket Association and Trends and Tips Magazine:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Week 2 Nuts and bolts: All the do’s, don’ts and don’t-think-about-its

  • Initial gift basket supplies, gift basket products, inventory, and equipment
  • Claim and organize space
  • Permits, licenses, insurance
  • Startup costs and sources, how to start a gift basket business
  • Business plan
  • Payment systems—getting paid
  • Identify your niche market
  • Ongoing learning, how to gift basket 

Week 3 Marketing and promotion: Best ways to attract customers

1. Attract your niche market customers
  • Stand out from competition
  • How to attract affluent market
  • How to find niche market
  • Planning essential for starting gift basket business
2. How to market
  • Promotion materials—brochures/postcards
  • Photographing your designs
  • Reaching your market via letters, newsletters, social media
  • Press releases
3. Corporate presentations
  • Planning
  • What designs and gift basket products to take
  • What to wear
  • What to say
 4. Networking on and offline
  • Social media
  • Traditional networking
  • Using

Week 4 Gift basket design, delivery and pricing

1. Design basics
  • Choosing themes
  • Choosing containers
  • Selecting gift basket products and gift basket supplies
  • The role of ribbon and enhancements
 2. Advanced design techniques
  • How to secure breakables in basket
  • What gift basket products to avoid mixing
  • Designing with delivery and shipping in mind
3. Delivery basics
  • Local hand deliveries
  • Packing to minimize problems
  • Major carriers—differences
  • Destinations, costs, time zones

Week 5 Finding Products/Vendors

  • Attending gift shows and conventions
  • Getting acquainted with manufacturers, vendors and distributors
  • Working with vendors—minimum orders
  • Locating online sources
  • Locating local sources

Week 6 Web design and presence

  •  Creating a web presence
  • What you need to know about websites
  • Setting up a successful website
  • How best to tie your website into your marketing plan

Week 7 Business Operation with an Exit Plan

  • Managing your money
  • Recordkeeping
  • How partnering with others saves money, time and energy
  • Outsourcing, delegating and hiring
  • When is it time to reorganize or sell your gift basket business?


Comment from subscriber about the website course:

Thank you so much for offering this course. . . I found it to be very informative and a great help. I had a basic web site already designed but by using the information in your course, I think that I made some major improvements to it.I used to design web sites many years ago when I worked for a computer company, but this was my first web site for myself (You get real fussy when it’s your own). I would without a doubt recommend this course to anyone in the gift basket business. Thank you again.

Lisa O’Neil
LeeAnn’s Gift Baskets


In addition to the seven LIVE instructional teleseminars recorded live (Estimated value: $900), you receive:

  • Unlimited email support to answer your questions and point you to resources. (Value: Priceless)
  • Insights: Five prerecorded interviews with gift basket veterans and an elevator pitch coach. Learn from their logistical experience and business strategies! (Value: $600)
Comment from subscriber of an ecourse:

“I found that each lesson was very informative. The lessons seem as if they were written just for me. Each lesson was down to earth in its language and explanations. Thank you.


  • Skills: Content divided in weekly modules, video and audio tips posted on the course website. (Value: $1,050)
  • Examples: Sample documents of promotional web/email/postcard copy, sample press release, sample business plan and more. (Value: $250)
  • Resources: A outline of the sessions on the website as well as the names and contact information of vendors, programs, web services, packaging supplies and everything else you might need to get your gift basket business up and running. (Value: $100)
  • Extra help: And anything that is not covered in the course, you may ask about using your unlimited email support.

While the total value you receive is more than $3,500, you pay just $497 for the entire course.

Comment from subscriber of an e-course:

I really enjoyed the lessons learned and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m VERY new to the business and am attending my very first craft fair this weekend as a way to “get out there”, and I needed a few low cost ideas (yet still beautiful!) so this was perfect timing for me! Thanks for the ideas and keep ’em (e-classes) coming!

Trena Jones
Gifts By Daydreams

How is this program unique? In addition to this being the first gift basket business home study course, numerous components make this program stand out from other seminars and training programs.A multitude of business options: Most gift basket business seminars assume you share the business goals and resources of the person sharing their experience. When this isn’t true, much of the advice becomes useless. Instead of sharing just one person’s experience, however successful, the Gift Basket Business Home Study Course gives you many viable business options to learn from. A multitude of tools: Likewise, instead of providing ideas and tools from one person sharing what worked for them, you get tools and samples from a variety of gift basket business professionals. In short, the Gift Basket Business Home Study Course is a comprehensive how to gift basket learning experience, including not only instruction but also the practical tools, encouragement, personal help and support that help you create success on your own.

Get started on your gift basket business success now!

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used may refer to other programs by our company as well as this one. Results are exceptional and don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will have the same experiences or achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation and willingness to apply the techniques and utilize the resources. Digital purchases are nonrefundable. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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