How do I price my gift baskets?

To make money you must charge more for your designs than you pay for your inventory.

Many basketeers double their wholesale costs and add 20% for labor. Others triple or quadruple their total costs.

Charge for shipping and delivery. If you don’t charge your customer for these, guess who’s paying for them and thus lowering their profits?

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~An unsolicited testimonial from a subscriber~

Dear Flora,

In your June newsletter, you had an article on attracting and keeping customers by building loyalty among them and giving good customer service. Having just started a gift basket company, and taking my age into account (22), I can only say that I need all the help that I can get. I forget sometimes that the smallest, most cordial ways can go a long way. I appreciate you bringing back the old-fashioned ways into my business.

Sincerely, Pattie Cordova

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