What do I need to know before setting up a website?

You will need to decide the purpose of your website. Will you set up a fully functioning online store where customers can select a design and pay for it online? Or do you want potential customers to examine the designs you place on your website and then call or fax you after they’ve decided what they want?

To begin to decide on the answers to these question, you will need to do the following:

1. Visit websites to see what you like and don’t like. Make notes.

2. Talk to others who have websites. Compare their costs for website design and maintenance.

3. Learn about the Internet. Learn the language and the protocol.

4. Research for a web designer who is affordable and can understand what you want.

5. Expect to spend much time in the design stage. Only you know what impression you want your website to make.

6. Resist the urge to put flashy graphics and special effects on your site. These are fun for you, but soon become annoying to your visitors.

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