Holidays & Celebrations

We are all familiar with the major holidays and celebrations that mean a day off from work. We even look forward to them with anticipation of fun with family and friends. But did you know that there is a day of celebration every day of the year? Many of these offer untapped opportunities to increase sales.

Until the early 80’s only the President and Congress had the right to declare a day a holiday. But it was decided that Congress was spending too much time in approving and denying holidays, so the practice was abandoned. Now anyone can declare and publicize a holiday, recognition or awareness day. You are free to publicize and celebrate it. Maybe you can even create a celebration day.

What are some of these special days and what kind of sales could they bring? Use the days listed to get your creative juices going. Research for websites or organizations to get more information or even free literature and memorabilia. Then send out postcards to your clients or a new market to stimulate them to order gift baskets for the occasion.

Here are some links to give you information on many other special days, weeks and months all year long. See how many you can turn into money-making events for your business.





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