Your articles have given me an my business a boost during the slow months. You have also provided advice on how to start and grow a gift basket
business. I am looking forward to receiving “The ten Surefire Ways to Cash in on Administrative Professionals Week” this will definitely help my business
during administrative professionals week.


Thelma Haddock
Darlene’s Creative Designs
Brentwood, TN


This website is very helpful because you give the best tools in order to become successful in the gift basket business. I used your tips on how to increase customers and you would not believe the response I got. People started calling and coming from everywhere. I have about 30 orders for Easter baskets so far and it’s not the end of the month.

Thanks for the information.

Kenisha Shamburger
Unique Celebrations
Fairfield, AL


Hello Flora,

It was a pleasure meeting you . Yes! I really enjoyed the seminar. You had fantastic information, and your presentation style was great! I’m just
getting started in the business. I’ve done gift baskets for a few years, as far as assembly, but I’m just starting as a business. Your info was very
helpful. Now I”m trying to organize myself for business. I’ve donated in the past, and now I’m ready to get started as a true basketeer. The trade
show was great. I attended the LA Mart, and it was fun also.

Thanks again for providing such an informative seminar.

Gloria Archer
Gloria-ous Gift Baskets



It was so nice meeting with you at the convention center. I just wanted to let you know that I found the marketing teleseminar I purchased from you
the best and most informative marketing tool I have come across. It is specifically targeted at our profession and answered alot of questions I had
plus gave me new, valuable information. THANK YOU!

Gift Baskets by Becky


Dear Flora,

Enjoyed meeting you at the Convention center gift show [ CA Gift Show, Jan, 19, 2004.] Your seminar was inspirational and that last copy of
Contain It! that I wrestled from your hands saved me a lot of time by zeroing in on the vendors in attendance. I look forward to being in touch.

Marva Martindale


Hi Flora,

Sometimes in this business you get tired, with this site
I am excited again.

Willie Mae Newman


Thank you so much for your tip on postcards and promotions!! (in the Oct. 15, 2003 issue)I recently sent out a postcard, informing corporate
customers that if they contacted me by November 1st, they would receive my holiday flyer and a discount coupon for 20% off of their holiday
order. Almost 74% have responded and 22 have ALREADY placed their orders!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am literally jumping around with happiness! This advertising didn’t cost me much and seems to have given me
a HUGE return!! Guess what I’m going to be doing for Valentine’s Day!?!?!?!

Thanking you again!!

Cheryl King
Cheryl’s Gift Baskets & More
Logan, OH 43138


The teleseminar was absolutely great! It was very informative, and gave me a lot of great ideas not just for Administrative Professionals Day, but for
future sales as well. Hats off to the two of you. I just can’t wait to see what you will do next.

Creative Expressions by Diane
Tustin, CA



I just want to say thanks for the Office Survival gift idea. I needed a $15 idea for a doctor’s office and as you know, each year you need a new idea.
This was perfect in a scaled down version. The office manager thought it was great and am sure the employees will too. I’ve had my first male gifts
ever this year. Interesting change of times!

Lea Teasdale
Baskets By Design
Bangor, PA


Hi Flora,

What a great newsletter! “Your depth of knowledge that you have acquired in the gift basket industry will definitely help my business grow to the next level”.

Thanks again, Mary

Mary O’Rourke
Baskets On Occasion, Inc.
Eagan, MN


Dear Flora,

This latest newsletter [8/15/03] was the best. I
received so much out of it. Keep up the good work.

Thank you,
Carol J. Brown

Basket Full of Wishes

Hi Flora,

Just a short note to commend you on your newsletter. I know that I have
said that before but wanted to say it again! Also, the picture in the beginning is fantastic Just wanted to give
you some kudos.

Lots of love and hugs ,

Bountiful Basket


Dear Flora,

I am subscribing to your newsletter and I want to congratulate you and thank you
personally for the excellent material and information you provide us with.

I am in the process of starting my homebased gift basket service in Montreal, Canada, and newsletters of the caliber of yours are indispensable for all
who are involved in this trade, more so for those of us who dare to start now when the economy is soft..!

I wish I was closer to your area to be able to attend your seminars there! : )

Thank you again and keep up the good work!

Best regards!

Zoe Kiamilis

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